Web Application Testing 10 Things Step-by-Step Easy Way

Web Application Testing

Hello, everyone welcomes to all on UTechBlogger. We are working on a Technical article that is related to our study.

We are here to solve the problems through our articles I hope you like this article of the Web Application Testing. 

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Everyone knows about how important for Testing is because everyone is required quality now. 

That quality is provided by testers and most of the focus will be on web Testing.

There are lots of technique such as i.e website speed,  optimization, performance, bugs,  and tools to improve your web application lets we will see all one by one.

Web Application Testing Tools

There are lots of Testing tools available in the online platform we will see the most important and frequently used tools and plugin also.

  • Web API Testing Tool
  • Web Automation Tool
  • Test Management Tool


Web API Testing Tool :-

This is the most important tool for test engineers or business who are developing customized websites.

for my research and experience, I will suggest the best API Tool is PostMan.

Web Application Testing

You can use it for getting Https & Post Https Request through this tool.

we can easily verify our API is working properly or not.

If you want to more hands-on in the API Testing you can also watch this video tutorial click here.


Web Automation Tool :-

This is the most important tool for Automation test engineers who are believe in coding and solving the bug in very little time.

This process is taking time but once you have done your coding then it will be easy for Regression Testing.

My strongly and blindly recommendation is Selenium this tool is so powerful, you can use this tool with Java Programming Language or Python programming language.

If you want to see which programming is best and why then kindly read this article Best Programming Languages.

So, my recommendation is java for selenium but after lots of choices let's see below architecture view might be easy to understand you.

Web Application Testing


Test Management Tool :-

This tool is most useful for managed Test Cases, Test Data Also you can track the bug that is raised when we did testing on our application.

I mainly use HP QC/ALM and for bug tracking their is Jira.

Most of the industry follows Jira but Jira is a paid tool. In Jira, we can perform a lot of tasks over there such as 

  • The Project manager is to allocate the task.
  • The Project manager decided to sprint the meeting.
  • The Same window developer and Tester both get the task to perform       Day by Day activity.
  • If you want more explorer on Jira then you can take  of  SDET                reference.
  • Web Application Testing

    On Page SEO

    This is the most important if your website is Blogging Website then much more focus on On-Page SEO it helps to rank on google.

    There are so many things that come under on-page SEO once our website is totally ready then we can use a tool to optimize our or we can say find out some issues of our web.

    The tool mostly uses which is SEO Site Checkup just you have to put your web on that URL.

    Then all result is showed so work accordingly as per errors are occurred and improve the on-page SEO score.

    Web Application Testing

    Tips To Follow On Page SEO


    Key Features


    Use H1 Tag in one page

    It is necessary

    To Improve SEO score

    Always use external files

    such as css, js

    To improve website speed

    Resize Images

    use less than 100kb

    Improve the performance

    Youtube video

    Don't use more videos on your blog

    Increase the page size more

    Use SEO Minion chrome extension for analysis on-page activity.

    Web Application Testing

    Off Page SEO

    Back-links are the key factor for Off-Page SEO.

    Now there two types of back-links Do-Follow Back-links And No Follow Back-links.

    Back-links is the most important role increase your PA And DA In case of website testing there is a chrome extension called MOZ we can analyze through it.

    If we enter website URL on MOZ Site they will show all the data related to our website for ranking, audits, keyword research, back-links analysis.

    Web Application Testing

    Performance Of Website

    Now, The most important for testing point of performance is the factor as a client project or own project.

    The performance of the website depending on your images, videos, Broken links, minification all this factor.

    We have to maintain our page size max 35kb of HTML. Most of the people are facing server-side issues also, I recommend to use good hosting for your website for received good response time. 

    Always performance is major in various factors but mostly focuses on the Speed of the website.

    For WordPress, it is easy to use the plugins for this.

    functionality of Web Application Testing

    Do not miss the broken links on the website it will provide the worst effect on our sites that comes under the functionality.

    sometimes we miss the pages of external links that may cause your websites also social accounts need to be attached to proper external links.

    Always analyze broken links through the smallseotools you will get your website broken links.

    UI/UX Website Design

    UI I always recommended for attractive UI because if the user visited on your website and the user does not your website UI/UX then the user will leave immediately from your sites.

    That will increase your website Bounce Rate We have to control this from UI/UX to attract the user on our website and increase the traffic.

    Always design caching images for the attractive form to users and make the website as simple as user friendly it will be good for us.

    Spelling And Grammar

    Always check spelling and Grammars this is more helpful for those who are working on a blogging website.

    Spelling mistakes on forms and images a lot of times happens if we take casually for website testing.

    Validations For Website

    Validation required for website is most important for server side burden.

    Mostly validation required for contact form, login form, comment form, etc.

    users enter wrong details and our validations are not proper then that wrong data also submitted on our database.

    we have prevent that data so user can fill always current data then we mostly focus on validation.

    Validations such as Required Field(Mandatory), Range (Mobile Number), Accept letter only, accept number only, etc.

    Website Speed Issues

    Speed we can measure in two parts such as.

    • Mobile Speed
    • Desktop Speed

    We can measure through the google tool of PageSpeed Insights, We have to put our URL in that google tool to get a result.

    Another is GTmatrix you got the all information through reports.

    UTchBlogger Mobile Speed

    Web Application Testing

    You will get that your website score like this.

    Note :-  If you want to improve your Mobile speed score then use AMP Plugin.

    Below you will get points to improve your page speed.

    UTchBlogger DeskTop Speed

    Web Application Testing

    Conclusion :-

    I Hope you all are enjoying this article. It will help to all such as Testers who are working in the industry and also for those who have own website stay connected more article with UTechBlogger

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