Apple MacBook Air Core i5 5th Gen Quick Information

apple macbook air core i5 5th gen
apple macbook air core i5 5th gen

What is not the MacBook Air? Idoes exist in 2020? 

‚ÄčApple released a new version of the MacBook Air this week.

It is a pretty minor upgrade, but for a computer that has been around unchanged since 2010, that's not bad.

What is interesting about the Air is that this is actually still one of the most popular Macs that Apple sells.

So while they have updated most of their other more modern Macs. A lot of people look at the Air and say, yeah, that's all I need.

Inside we get the Air itself. Now to be fair, this design has not changed since 2010, but it is still a nice looking laptop.

So it is all metal and it is not quite as nice as something like some of the newer Mac Books. But this is not an old, terrible piece of hardware at all.

One nice thing that hasn't changed is MagSafe. So while there are a lot of advantages to going with USB-C and Thunderbolt.

There is something nice about having a magnetic cable that, if you say, trip and fall over your cable, And yes.

Open up the Air and you should see that it looks very familiar.

Now that's not a huge downside. So the keyboard, the trackpad, and especially the build quality does feel good. And especially in 2010, this was pretty solid.

But when you are buying a laptop that came out today.

And it looks exactly the same as something that came out seven years ago, you've got a problem.

The first thing that jumps out to me when using this Air, is how bad the screen is. So while some things from 2010 hold up pretty well, that TN panel definitely does not.

So it has a 13.3-inch display with a 1,440 by 900 resolution. It is Low, but not the list end as per the world.

But the color, and especially with the viewing angles here, are terrible. I mean, look at this.

You can see it. I get it straight you can kind of see it a little bit. But it's so bad. For a thousand dollar laptop, this should be a deal-breaker.

So to put things in perspective, this is the LG Gram. But this is also a thousand dollar laptop. And when you go look at the screen on this compared to the MacBookAir, it's not even close.

Now if Apple wants to keep selling the MacBook Air in 2017, by all means, go ahead.

Advantages of having a MacBook

like this still around. But the fact that they have not updated the screen in this many years and it looks this bad, is crazy.

If this screen was on a $200 laptop I would complain about it. On a thousand dollar laptop? No. The MacBook Air satisfying every worth amount that you paid.

So this is the new 12-inch MacBook. Now, this kind of the successor to the Air and it is a very small and thin laptop.

And when you put it side-by-side with the Air, you'll see that it is much, much smaller laptop.

It is not perfect for everyone it is though to use who already work with big laptop. So this is a USB-C port. While that's a nice thing to have on a laptop, it is the only port on the 12-inch MacBook.

Some big problems causes due to this reasons. When it comes to using one single port to not only charge the computer.

But connect to an external, connect to USB accessories, it all has to happen through this single port.

Whereas on the 13-inch air, that is not a problem. This has a mini Display Port that also doubles as Thunderbolt 2, a full-size USB 3, and SD card reader.

And on the flip side, you have one more USB 3 port, as well as the MagSafe power adapter.

So while the MacBook Air is, not the perfect laptop it definitely is not dongle life ready.

The Air has seen an update for 2017, but the upgrade is minor.

It is gone from a 1.6 to a 1.8 gigahertz Core i5 processor. But it still has the same eight gigabytes of memory, 128 gigs of SSD storage.

What hasn't changed is the actual processors inside

So the Air's still rocking 5th Gen Core processor.

Whereas pretty much all the MacBooks and most Windows laptops these days are on the 7th gen. Before this you can read more about Intel i5.

It feels like an upgrade to say, hey look, guys, we can put the 2017 badge on it now.

Take a look at performance and the Air has definitely fallen behind.

So not only is it slower than the 12-inch Mac Book, which has a much lower power Core m3 processor.

It is slower than the LG Gram, it may be the same price but has a much newer Core i5. To be fair, performance is not the be-all, end-all for the MacBook Air.

The battery life is other big advantage of this mac book . So with the way the 13-inch is spec with it is a large battery.

you should expect around 14 hours on a charge, which is solid.

The only issue is other laptops, such as the Gram, have caught up to that number.

One the best in the segment of keyboard and track pad is used. So the keyboard itself actually still feels pretty decent.

I might prefer what you get on the newer MacBooks. But I do think a lot of people like the extra key travel. And the track pad is good.

So again, it is not quite as new and quite as nice as some of the newer force Touch trackpads.

But I still feel like this is a better trackpad than pretty much any windows laptop you can buy.

When it comes to actually use the Air

It does feel reasonable snappy. If you really depend on a benchmark, then it is not to fast.

For more basic usage like web browsing. Which is honest and probable what everyone does on Mac Book Airs anyway, it does feel pretty good.

The screen definitely does let it down, but besides that, it's a pretty solid machine.

The value proposition with the Mac Book Air is a little bit weird. So on one hand it is $300 cheaper than any other Mac Book that you could pick up.

On the other, it has not updated in quite a few years. It also only comes with a 128 gigabyte SSD in the base configuration.

Now if this is your Facebook machine, then sure, that can work out.

But other than that, once you start upgrading it does not make any sense. The MacBook Air was an impressive laptop when it came out in 2010.

If you are buying a new laptop in 2020, it does not make sense.

So, what do you guys think about the MacBook Air? Post your comments in the section below and I will give you the answer of everyone.

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