Top 2 Best Trading App In India To Earn Money


Hello, everyone welcomes to this wonderful article on the best trading app in India to earn money. We will see all the related details stuff regarding this article.

This is the practice-oriented article already I perform this before I write an article so, trust this is worthy for everyone.

We will see the top 2 apps to earn money practically. And I write already passive income article you can check out this.

At the end of this article I will share a bonus tips or information regarding Trading.  

1. Groww App

Overview Of Grow app

This app is basically for those who are interested in mutual funds and the stock market to purchase some funds and stocks.

There is no loss in mutual funds if we apply for the low-risk investment you can gain easy profit from these funds.

Just you have to analyze properly for some calculation part but don’t worry I will share everything steps by step.

The stock market is newly launching in groww app this is the advance update of this app and this grow app is trustable for the best trading app in India to earn money.

How to open account

Step 1:

You have to down load this app from plays tore and click on install.

Step 2:

You have to field basic information that is user friendly every would be able understand the mandatory fields what are required that I listed below.

  • Pan card mandatory front side photo and a back side photo.
  • Bank details are mandatory to invest money and receive money to the bank accounts.
  • Must be this verify KYC as early as possible you will get the bonus of 1 rupee to your bank account from groww app to verify your bank account.
  • Enter nominee details
  • Must have valid Gmail id and phone number
  • Signature on paper
  • These are all the checklist you go through and fill all the mandatory details.

Step 3:

We are the mail and activation message regarding this your account is successfully activated.

How to purchase mutual fund:

Now, all the essential set up is done so we have to buy a fund as per our budget. But before this, you have additional money as per your budget to purchase funds.

This will display on profile dashboard display firstly you will “Available to invest” that is showing 0 rupees.

So, have to add money by simply clicking on “ADD MONEY” Button. Then we have to enter some amount and then click on the add money button again. It will add immediately into your available to invest your account.

best trading app in India to earn money

How to apply for 1st mutual fund:

Go to “Explore” and then click on better than FD you will find the number of the list will display.

best trading app in India to earn money

You have to choose anyone who gives us better profit at least.

Once you select suppose I select “Adity Birla” For testing purposes. Then there will display SIP/One Time Calculator Click on it.

best trading app in India to earn money

SIP – is used for monthly basis for the duration of min 1 to max 1, 3, 5 years.

One Time – For 1 time that is one time investment duration are same.

best trading app in India to earn money
best trading app in India to earn money

There will be display total amount of what will you get the return amount after the selected year and you can withdraw any time no charges.

Ones you purchase any mutual fund then it will display information on the Dashboard page. It will give overall information about your funds. In this transaction history, current purchase fund, etc.

 How to withdraw mutual fund amount:

Go to Dashboard select your click on your invested fund and withdraw the amount. It is really simple and once we withdraw amount then it will take around 2-3 days or 24 hours to get the amount into your bank account.

Note: – Loss is nothing if you analyze properly invested in low risk always good instead of high-risk high returns.

best trading app in India to earn money

Payment Proof:-

I attached some photos that really give you an idea this is not any fake information the payment proof is a low investment. I have just done for testing purpose.

best trading app in India to earn money
best trading app in India to earn money
best trading app in India to earn money

Now we will see 2nd App for best trading app in India to earn money.

2. MPL

I know this one is heard every one this is the platform best trading app in India to earn money popular nowadays.

You have just played games and earn money from this app. This app easily available in the play store you have just set up your account and play the games.

The main drawback of this is you have to invest more time means a waste of time. But definitely, you will earn if you beat the opponent in every game.

Some of games also sponsors from MPL so mostly that available for free entry to and win.

LUDO is that game highly available for free entry.

One good thing is you do not need to attach any bank details on it. Simply we can connect through our Paytm or phone pay account easily connect.

Withdraw method is also simple if wallet balance is RS 1 rupee still you can withdraw the amount instantly.

Try for testing purpose good to have fun activity because lots of games are available in that app.

3. Bonus Information

In my research, I found one best trading expertise from the USA. You can check out these TrendfxOptions.  They are experts in trading your money to convert into good profit. You can ask some consultants also they were guiding you.

Trendfxoptions is among the leading exchange options and cryptocurrency trades firms in the USA.

Duly regulated by CFTC, with restive offices that are based in Florida and New York with members funds be held in segregated accounts in major banks.

Establish in 2017 it’s has gone on to become one of the fastest-growing cryptocurrency firms in the USA.

Using trendfxoptions online and mobile platforms, trading is done easily by using movements in a wide range of markets, from one account, we trade stock indices, forex, commodities, bitcoin, and economic events.

With 5000 hourly, daily, and weekly contracts traded 7 days a week, 23 hours a day, trendfxoptions get an ongoing series of short term trading opportunities unlike some of the trading firms out there.

Trendfxoptions is the first binary options broker in the world which provides its traders with an opportunity to gain profits by analyzing cryptocurrency pairs.

Trendfxoptions is: Access to trading 24/7, 365 days per year (cryptocurrency pairs are traded with no weekend breaks )

Profits per deal up to ‘

Guaranteed of integrity

Stock data is received on the server and is transmitted to the platform every second

Traditional instruments for trading :

Currency pairs, indices, stocks, commodities. Accurate quotes data from global stock market exchanges.

All begin with a minimum stake of starter package of $500-$1,499 which yields from $8,500-$10,500 depending on the current state of the market at the time of trading.

Think about am your money working for you!

Think about trendfxoptions!

Payment Proof

best trading app in India to earn money
best trading app in India to earn money

You can use this for Reference to get the idea about trading.

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