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Blue Eyes Technology Overview

Blue Eyes technology

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So, start the further process generally, we saw this technology in movies blue means Bluetooth technology connected with eyes.

We operate anything directly such as Tv, any electronics screen display.

The details are mentioned below.

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Blue Eyes Technology Research

Blue Eyes technology

Blue Eyes technology aims at creating computational machines that have the sensory ability like those of human beings.

Blue Eyes technology uses sensors to identify the user's actions and to extract the information from people who are using it.

This information is then analyzed to determine the user's physical and emotional actions, and it will extract the information state, which in turn can be used to help make the user more productive.

Blue Eyes technology in this, Blue stands for Bluetooth, which is connected to the eye, and Eye stands for the movement of eye enables us to obtain a lot of interesting and important information.

For example, in the future, using this Blue Eyes technology, we can operate the television directly by sitting distance without going to switch on the TV.

There are the emotional sensors we use for hands and eyes.

This is how we operate Bluetooth. Blue Eyes consists of mobile measuring devices called DAU and CSU. DAU is interlinked to CSU.

DAU will capture the information which is captured by sensors, and it will send to the CSU. Now I'm going to tell you about the system overview.

Coming to the system overview, the Bluetooth technology provides the means for the creating of Personal Area Networking, linking operators, and the central system.

Basically, with Bluetooth only, we can run this Blue Eyes technology. Basically, how this technology runs is with the help of two reasons: one is DAU and CSU.

These are the workings which they work for the Blues Eyes technology. The major part of the Blue Eyes technology is DAU and CSU.

The task of this mobile DAU is to maintain the Bluetooth connection to get the information from the sensor, and sending the information from the wireless connection.

Basically, to get the alarm message also, we can use it for the CSU to the operator with the handle personalized ID cards.

These are the main hardware (mumbles) of two types: one is the Data Acquisition Unit and the second one is the Central System Unit.

With the help of this technology, the Bluetooth (mumbles), and Blue Eyes technology running.

Coming to this Blue data acquisition, the unit is in the mobile part of the Blue Eyes system.

It maintains the psychological data of the sensor and it sends it to the central system to produce.

Like you can see, these are the main things that complete Bluetooth. These are the main parts of the microphone and earphones, and it looks like a cellphone.

It transfers the Bluetooth is the main thing which carries the Blue Eyes technology. Coming to the second parts Central System Unit.

The Central System Unit is the second peer of the wireless connection. The box contains the Bluetooth of based upon ROK101008 of PCM code and the voice data transmission.

The module is interfaced with this PC using a parallel-serial, and USB cable. The audio data is accessible through mini-jack sockets. These are the central system which uses the Bluetooth.

These are the connection manager, data analysis, and visual module, and data logger.

Coming to the software, how the software runs. Blue Eyes technology, mainly the software is mainly operated within (mumbles) connection, and which interacts within a software platform of buffering the incoming data of real-time of alarm.

The Blue Eyes technology, which is used for the other system module.

The example is like a transfer of data, connects the manager to the data analysis, which connects the data and understanding the control of the data logger.

These are the future improvements of DAU and CSU. These are the small camera monitor-operated point of gaze, single PCB, and low voltages.

These are the DAU. Coming to the CSU: data mining logistic and this is the example for the advanced database encryption using. Now my friend will be continuing.

This Blue Eyes technology having high data security with only the mobile register can connect to the system, and the Bluetooth connection authentication and encryption with the personal and physiological data encryption are being allowed.

These applications are used in various areas like in power station, Captain Bridge, and flight control centers.

And the advantages are it can prevent dangerous incidents, and having physiological condition monitoring.

And the disadvantages are doesn't predict nor interface with the operator thoughts and cannot force directly through the operator to work.

In the future, technology will be growing rapidly soon so household devices such as AC, TV, Ovens, etc. May be able to operate by voice when we speak at them.

And the future applications are limitless.


Blue Eyes technology ensure a convenient way of simplifying the life by providing delicate & user-friendly facilities, also aiming to be the means of the stress reliever driven by the advanced technology by studying the facial expressions.

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