Helio G90T Vs Snapdragon 855 Quick Guide

Helio G90T Vs Snapdragon 855

In this article, you will know about which processor is the best between MediaTek Helio G90T Vs Snapdragon 855.

Helio G90T Overview

Helio G90T Vs Snapdragon 855

Helio G90T is based upon 12 nm architecture. The less this nm number is, the more the performance and battery efficiency.

Let's see the processor configuration of helio G90T processors have 2 high-performance cortex a76 cores and the low-performance cores are based on cortex a55.

The frequency of 2 high-performance cores of helio G90T is 2.05 GHz.

All cores of helio G90T run on 2 GHz which is more than Snapdragon.

So the average speed is better in helio G90T. Helio G90T has lpddr4x ram support up to 10 GB.

The bandwidth of the helio G90T ram is 2133 MHz. so, besides having the same quality ram, helio G90T is slightly better.

Let’s see the display support of two processors. Helio G90T has maximum support up to full HD plus screens.

Helio G90T has a download speed of 600 Mbps the upload speed of both processors is the same.

To compare two processors, the best process is antutu and geek bench score. But, today I will show you many more benchmark scores besides antutu and geek bench.

And, will show you which processor is the best in every benchmark score. As you can see, the same processor can have different scores in antutu version 7 and antutu version 8. That’s why I took antutu benchmark scores of two different versions.

In antutu version 7, helio G90T got a score of 2 lakh 22 thousand as you can see in antutu version 8, helio G90T scored near 2 lakh 80 thousand.

Let’s see the geek bench score now. In single-core, helio G90T got 2410 and In terms of multi-core too, helio G90T is better.

In today's world, that is very important. So let's see the ai score of the processors.

Backed by antutu, helio G90T got 12891 in ai score in terms of ai score, snapdragon is way behind of helio G90T.

The most important factor of a smartphone as you know, you want to buy Helio for games to see the GPU test score of the CPUs.

Helio G90T has Mali g76 mp10 GPUs and Mali g76 mp10 is a 7 nm GPU. In terms of GPU quality, helio G90T is better.

This is the actual benchmark scores of both GPU. In each case, helio G90T is a lot better than snapdragon. This is the proper fps of PUBG settings in a different situation.

You can play pubg in 60 fps constantly with Helio G90T. In high settings, Helio G90T will give you 40 fps. So, in terms of Pubg gameplay, Helio G90T is better.      

Snapdragon 855 Overview

Every one knows this is the latest upcoming Chipset,  the Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 they launched flagship Chipset.

Qualcomm leader chipset is essentially controlling all of the following year's leader Android gadgets. we got the chance to see a few things. here that are a great sign of what will be accessible in the following year's leads.

So, Qualcomm has making AI engines that produce more power to chipset in the last three of their chipsets.

This is really their fourth era of doing some sort of AI motor. This year however we have multiple times the AI execution which carries it to more noteworthy than seven trillion activities for each second.

We likewise have a pleasant force increment as a result of the new Tensor quickening agents. we have more Vector quickening agents, every one of these things utilized for the entirety of that AI math.

Also, when you can move things to those quickening agents. It stops the CPU and the GPU from expecting to deal with the entirety of that, which just methods more proficiency.

Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 has the world's first PC vision ISP Camera.

This lets you catch film grade video and photographs with more than one billion shades of shading. Presently I love shooting representation pictures on my cell phone the same amount of as anyone else.

(Quick popping) This is the place you have a hazy foundation, with the messed up impact.

Also, the 855 takes representation mode to an unheard of level with ongoing item order and following profundity detecting at 60 edges every second, which empowers the world's first picture mode in video with 4K HDR catch.

The 855 is likewise the world's first portable stage that underpins HDR10+ catch.

Furthermore, it's likewise 30% more force proficient contrasted with a year ago, which means you can catch better quality video for more. The snapdragon 855 also supports the High-Efficiency Image File Format.

This not just surrenders you to half littler document measures yet in addition stores extra data, for example, a profundity map, burst pictures, and video, all inside a similar record compartment. 

Mobile gaming is taking things to the next level bigger than ever of the Snapdragon 855 processor. Bring the HDR gaming, with tip-top gaming by the Qualcomm chipset of Snapdragon 855.

This means you're getting Volcano 1.1 help, physical base rendering, and backing for optics adjusted.

This means you get higher than CD sound quality playing at a lower recurrence.

So you are getting perfect sound, incredible gaming, and joining all that with the intensity of the 855 processor, you can't turn out badly. - For me, it's actually about availability.

I have gone through the entire year demonstrating Qualcomm's prevalence in keeping your telephone consistently associated.

The Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 alongside the Snapdragon X50 modem will be the first multi-gigabit 5G versatile stage and generally complete.

I am talking both sub-6 and mm-Wave on a telephone, alongside two gigabit LTE.

We are discussing 802.11ay Wi-Fi and even Wi-Fi six capacities. It is the first with 7Xcarrier total.

Qualcomm even ventured to make its own 14-nanometer chip to empower OEMs to make the entirety of this conceivable on a gadget.

This executioner combo is truly the best arrangement out there, route relatively revolutionary. And of course, there's been some performance enhancements.

As we referenced we have 3X the AI execution inspire over the Snapdragon 845, and they're guaranteeing a 2X AI presentation elevate over their rivals.

Presently, we additionally have a 45% improvement in the Kryo CPU execution, which is the greatest jump in Snapdragon history.

We have Adreno 640 GPU that conveys up to 20 % quicker illustrations rendering, with low force utilization.

Qualcomm demonstrated to us their 3D Sonic Sensor, which is the principal ultrasonic sensor on the planet. Presently this means it really utilizes sound similarly that like sonar attempts to plan the edges inside your unique mark.

Now that means that it can sit under a thicker piece of glass, it's much more secure than your optical solutions that we're used to seeing, at cetera.

a portion of the new champion highlights from the Snapdragon 855. Again, this is a really good indication of what features I think we're going to see next year in all the top flagship Android phones because that's just the way that works.

I without a doubt am amped up for the camera highlights. That, I need to perceive how well that functions when it's genuine.

They likewise had a telephone there that they were flaunting a portion of that HDR film, utilizing an anonymous new sensor for the camera and it looked great.

Like none of us accepted that the thing was from a telephone. In this way, that is got me truly energized.

Furthermore, obviously execution improvements. Battery life, please a greater amount of that, in every case until the end of time.

Note:- There are some more factors which place this Helio G90T good or snapdragon 855 in terms of performance. Both have advantages and disadvantage as per mention above.


Be that as it may, no doubt, so trust you folks delighted in this article. If you are looking for sensor information you can view here.

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