Plasma Display Panel Easy Unique Information [2020]

Plasma Display Panel
Plasma Display Panel

Is there plasma in a plasma TV?

Yes, there is the bigger question is what exactly plasma is, and how it helps you to.

watch Come to X-Factor out Of Here in glorious high-definition.

Well, the technology is behind the television evolved for the first 60 years of its existence.

It realized on the cathode ray tube, a device that could be fire out a stream of electrons onto the back of a screen.

The parts of the screen are being hit by electrons would then glow. And the beam of electrons would then run across the screen, in a series of parallel lines, many times each second.

This happens so that our eyes, looking at the other side of the screen, see a steady image.

Plasma Display Panel

Early televisions had only one of these electron guns, meaning their images.

were in what called black and white (actually green and grey for anyone old enough to remember.)

But then color television invented giving a new 'best thing since' to replace sliced bread.

By using three separate streams of electrons to create red, blue, and yellow.

which could be then combined to enable people to finally make sense of televised snooker.

But as our appetite for a bigger TV and sharper images developed. so the humble Cathode Ray Tube screen started to hit problems.

Televisions were already heavy, electricity-hungry things, but as the size of screens increased.

They had to become deeper as well. So that the CRT tube could reach each corner of a screen.

The number of pixels that a CRT could support.

was also limited by the need for it to 'scan' the whole screen fifty or sixty times a second.

Meaning that, despite the launch of higher-quality recording formats.

That is like DVDs, you still had to squint hard to see Kate Wins let's nipples.

 We required solution for this problem.

The concept for the plasma display had invented as long ago.

1930, with single-color plasma displays, produced 1960 and 1970, especially for early computers.

Instead of using electrons a beam to create lines, the plasma screen uses.

This is the very small light cells that effect to form a good picture.

In a modern color plasma display, each pixel has three of these fluorescent lights.

One in each primary color, and fires them to create the desired coloring the picture.

LCD televisions, the sworn enemy of Plasma systems according to the bloke in the tally.

Use individual LCD 'shutters' for each pixel to create a similar effect.

But what is plasma?

Plasma is a conductive gas that contains both free-flowing ions.

(positive charge atoms) and electrons (which are negative charge).

If you introduce more electrons by putting a voltage through this gas.

Then these will begin to collide with atoms, knocking off electrons and turning into the ions.

Then positive charge particles will start to move towards the negative charge area.

And the same for negative to positive vice-versa.

This causes the atomic equal of a motorway pile-up, with particles smashing into each other.

with the xenon and neon gases used in plasma screens, - releasing photons. Or the light, as we call it.

Most of these lights ultraviolet, which is invisible. But by coating those tiny cells with phosphor material.

This can change into visible light when it hits the side of the cells.

Which it does a lot: a modern high-definition display with 1920 pixels across and 1080 up.

It has over two million individual pixels.

each has fire dozens of times a second to produce different colors.

The result is that plasma displays are far more shallow than old CRTs.

You can stick them on to your wall but also that they can scale up.

computing firepower is the major concern if we are adding more pixels to run them.

Plasma TV has produced in sizes up to 152 inches (the diagonal measurement across the screen).

Large enough for even the most rap star to watch himself waxing in glorious high definition.

And now settle down to the Blu-Ray release of Ghost Busters.

Remind yourself how important it is to never, ever cross the streams.

Now if you have not already what my mother called square-eyed through watching all this stuff.

About television why not go over to Number Hub and find out how many pixels can squeeze into the world's largest TV.

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